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BTL purchases & BTL re-mortgages, with or without capital raising

Portfolio Landlords (3+ properties)

Mortgages in personal name, limited company/LLP (SPV & trading companies).

Flexible rental calculations.

Personal income/asset top-ups for rental coverage.

High value properties.

Large portfolios.

Short term lets (Airbnb and similar).

Holiday lets

Unusual property types.

Listed buildings.

Flats above commercial premises.

Refurb to let products.

Day one re-mortgages.

No minimum income/self-funding BTLs.


First-time buyers and first-time landlords.

High loan to value mortgages.

Adverse credit history.

Speak to a member of our team on 01543 40 46 50 to find out more about the many flexible funding options available to your business.

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Buy to Let: Features
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